As a potential buyer, you will benefit from knowing the value, and also the limitations, of a home inspection. OnSite Home Inspections will help you understand what to expect from a home inspection.

OnSite Home Inspections will check the following items in most home inspections.1

>> Foundation                                           >> Smoke Detectors3
>> Ceiling, floors, walls                             >> Plumbing systems4
>> Basement/Crawl Space                       >> Heating & Air Conditioning5
>> Electrical system                                  >> Fireplace6
>> Built-in kitchen appliances2                >> Roof & Attic7

Optional specialty services offered by OnSite Home Inspections upon request include:
Infrared Camera Scan          Termite Inspections       Asbestos/Lead Testing

Radon Testing                          Mold Testing                     Lawn Sprinkler Systems8

We are like a general practitioner; we give the home a physical examination, looking for symptoms of a problem. If we see an indication of a problem, we recommend that you have it checked further by a specialist. A specialist can help determine the specific problems and recommend any necessary corrections.

More Details:
OnSite Home Inspections will perform a limited visual inspection of the condition of these items at the time of inspection, based on the standards of practice set by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) posted at  Of course, there are some places that are not visible, we can’t find every little thing that’s wrong, and we cannot predict the future. Many of the systems in a home are like a light bulb; it may look good when checked, but there is no way that the inspector will be able to predict when the bulb will burn out.


A more complete list of limitation and inspection guidelines are available at
2 Oven is checked for temperature accuracy, but not in cleaning mode. Microwave is not checked for radiation leaks.
3 Readily available smoke detectors are tested with the test button only.
4 Visible inspection of exposed lines. Laundry drain flow capacity cannot be fully checked.
5 Size of air conditioning system is not verified as adequate size for the home.
6 Fireplaces are not tested for draft.
7 Inspector will not walk on any roof that is unsafe or may cause damage.
8 Lawn sprinkler is checked in manual mode only.