Grounds & Drainage

Leaves in Window Well    Low Spot in Grading    Tree Damaging House    Tree Tangled in Fencing    Vines in Window Well

We inspect the grounds for proper grading away from the house, soil in contact with anything other than the foundation, vegetation in contact with or close to the structure that could damage it such as vines crawling up the siding or tree branches in contact with the house or roof. We inspect rain gutter downspouts and concrete surfaces to make sure they are sloped away from the house and water is being managed properly.

Foundation & Structure

Foundation Cavity    Foundation Crack    Notched Beam    Notched Joist    Shrinkage Crack

We inspect the foundation walls, including the view from interior unfinished basements and crawlspaces. We report observed indications of cracking, settling, and active water intrusion.  We look for shrinkage cracks, settling cracks, cracks caused by root or back-fill damage, step cracks, and how they affect floor level and interior door and window framing.  We inspect structural components such as rafters, trusses, joists, sub-flooring, and framing. We inspect and report on any observed cutting and notching of framing members that may, in the inspector’s opinion, present a structural compromise or safety concern.


Chipped Paint on Door    Cracked Window    Deteriorated Window Frame    Improper Deck Railing    Missing Siding

We inspect the siding for gaps and damage, exterior trim,  driveways, walkways, patios, porches, fencing, walls, windows from the exterior view, exterior doors, stairs, steps, decks for proper installation and support, and railings.

Roofing & Chimney

Damaged Roof Sheathing    Detached Downspout    Excessive Shingle Wear    Fallen Chimney    Roof Damaged by Swamp Cooler Leak

We walk on all roofs when it is safe and conditions permit. We inspect the condition of the roof coverings, rain gutters, plumbing vents, furnace and water heater exhausts, flashings, skylights, chimney, and other roof penetrations. We inspect fireplaces and chimney conditions. We inspect the general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors, or stairs.

Attic & Ventilation

Cellulose Insulation    Exposed Joists    Fan Exhausting in Attc    Fiberglass Insulation    Stained Sheathing

We inspect the attic for access, insulation, roof sheathing condition, electrical, roof penetrations, and structural members. We check for proper and adequate ventilation through soffit, gable, roof, and ridge vents. We report on the general absence or lack of insulation and ventilation  in the attic.


Crawlspace Vapor Barrier    Crawlspace    Efflorescence in Crawlspace    Store Items in Crawlspace    Water in Crawlspace

We inspect the crawlspace for access, insulation, vapor barrier, plumbing, duct work, ventilation, and electrical components. We comment on water infiltration, inadequate structural supports, moisture and humidity management, and overall condition of the crawlspace.


Buckled Floor    Evidence of Leaking    Smoke Detector    Leak Stain    Unsecure Ceiling Fan

We inspect  the walls, ceiling, floors, doors, and windows. Many small items that relate to these areas are reported as minor and cosmetic. We inspect for handrails at stairs, the condition of cabinets, counter tops, and other storage areas. We report  on signs of water leaking into the house. We inspect the garage including firewalls, mechanical door openers, and safety devices.


Dirty Dishwasher    Garbage Disposal    Leaking Refrigerator    Microwave    Stove

We operate and inspect appliances that are present and deemed permanently installed by the inspector. This includes the cooktop, oven, built in microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, and garbage disposal. We report on the overall condition and any defects, such as leaks, that are present. We also include our appliance RecallChek to let you know which, if any, of your appliances have been recalled and how you can get them replaced at no cost.


Different Water Piping Materials    Loose Toilet    No Drain Cover    Orange Water    Polybutylene Piping

We locate the main water shutoff. We inspect and run all accessible plumbing components such as water supply piping, manifolds, drain piping, sinks, drains, bath tubs, showers, and toilets; noting any leaks, low pressure, clogged drains, loose toilets, and supply piping that has a record of poor performance such as galvanized steel, cast iron, and polybutylene. We point out any visible sump pumps. We also inspect plumbing that is gas related including piping, shutoffs, and gas valves.

Heating & Cooling

Damaged AC Condenser    Evidence of Flame Rollout    Mercury Thermostat    Orange Flames    Boiler

We inspect the the heating system and describe the energy source and heating method using normal operating controls and report as in need of repair furnaces which do not operate.  We inspect the central cooling equipment using normal operating controls and report on cooling systems that do not function as intended. We inspect the visible distribution methods for deficiencies and visible venting methods for improper or deficient installations. We report on the age of the appliances and overall condition.

Water Heater

Leak Running Down Water Heater    Missing TPR Valve Pipe    No TPR Valve Pipe    Rusted Water Heater Enclosure    Water Heater Corrosion

We inspect the water heater water lines, expansion tank, cold water shutoff, exhaust piping, temperature pressure relief valve, earthquake strapping, drain valve, enclosure, and drip pan. We report on the age of the appliance and overall condition, making note of improper installation, missing components, excessive wear, and leaking.


Hot Neutral Reversed    Interior Breaker Panel    Interior Fuse Box    Live Knob and Tube    Uncovered Junction Box

We inspect the electrical lines coming into the house, the main shutoff, and determine the rating of the service amperage if possible. We inspect electrical panels, breakers and fuses, the service grounding and bonding, all switches, outlets, light fixtures, AFCI and GFCI outlets/breakers, smoke detectors, and exhaust fans. We report on any outlets in which power is not present, wiring is incorrect, or if the outlet is not grounded, is not secured to the wall, the cover is not in place, the ground fault circuit interrupter devices are not properly installed or do not operate properly, or evidence of arcing or excessive heat is present.  We inspect the utility service entrance wiring and the condition of their sheathing. We report the absence of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and report the presence of knob and tube and solid aluminum wiring if readily visible.

Additional Services – Cost Extra

Sprinkler System Inspection

Broken Sprinkler Head    Leaking Sprinkler    Sprinkler Control Panel    Sprinkler Hitting House    Sprinklers

For an additional fee during sprinkler season if the sprinklers are turned on we will operate the sprinkler system using normal controls from the control panel. We will identify sprinkler heads that are damaged, missing, and spraying the house or concrete. It should be understood that most of the sprinkler system components are buried and not visible to the inspector.

Radon Measurement

1.4 Measurement    Radon Mitigation Exterior    3.5 Measurement    Radon Mitigation in Attic    2.5 Measurement

We offer radon measurement with electronic continuous radon monitors that take measurements for 48+ hours. The results are emailed to you and then you are able to determine the need for a radon mitigation system that will decrease the radon to a safe level. These systems generally cost $800-1,300 and include a fan that circulates the indoor air.

Termite Inspection

Termite Damage    Termite Mud Tubes    Termite Damage 3    Termites in Drywall    Subterranean Termites

We offer full termite inspections for VA loans and to those who want one. We inspect for what may cause termites such as fruit trees, wood piles next to your house, soil in contact with wooden supports, and interior wall and floor cracks. We identify signs of termites and recommend further evaluation and treatment.

Methamphetamine Sampling

Test Sample    Chemical Stain    Test Kit    Black Painted Window Glass    Hole in the Door

We offer meth sampling to those who suspect meth use. Example signs of meth use are extreme measures of privacy such as painting window glass, signs of anger that result in broken windows and holes in doors and walls, strong smelling stench and staining, and chemical containers. If you suspect meth or want a sample done for peace of mind we take a swab sample in the home and have the results analyzed by a local professional laboratory. Results are emailed within 48 hours of the sample drop off to the lab and then you can determine the need for decontamination.

Mold Sampling

Mold Petri Dish    Mold Swab Testing    Analyzing Mold    Mold On Walls    Mold Air Pump

If you suspect mold either from visual evidence or a musty smell then you may wish to have a mold swab or air sample performed. This will let you know the types of mold or fungus in the sampled area and whether or not there is need for action to be taken to reduce or eliminate the mold or fungus.

Asbestos Sampling

8711686259_6bb4b7a77e_z    Asbestos Siding    Popcorn Ceiling    Vermiculite Asbestos    Ceiling Tiles

Asbestos is a heat-resistant fibrous material that has been used in insulation, siding, ceiling texture/tiles, floor tiles, and many other products. It was banned in the 1980s and 1990s due to the dangers from inhaling the fibers, which is linked to causing cancer. We can take a sample test of any of these materials and have in analyzed by a local lab to see if it contains asbestos. Pre-cautions can then be take if you plan on removing the material.

Lead-Based Paint Sampling

Chipped Siding Paint    Lead Paint Bucket    Chipped Window Sill Paint    Lead Paint Check    Scraping Lead Paint

Lead-based paint was used on a lot of houses up until 1978 when it was banned for being hazardous, especially in children and pregnant women. It can cause nervous system damage, stunned growth, kidney damage, and delayed development. If the house you are purchasing was built before 1978 and has chipped paint you may want us to sample it to make sure you take the proper steps to prevent health hazards to your family.